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About Us

The team at BRS Analytical Services is composed of career chemists with a vast array of experience and depth of skills. 

Our analytical chemists have worked in a wide variety of laboratories ranging from pharmaceutical companies, excipient manufacturers, contract laboratory testing and personal care products.

Many of our team members possess more than 20 years’ experience and began their careers as laboratory chemists who worked their way up to senior scientists responsible for method troubleshooting, method development, and validation.

Throughout their careers, our team has established and managed highly successful and compliance driven Method Development, Method Validation, Quality Control, Stability and Formulation departments for a variety of companies.

The BRS team of professional chemists have developed hundreds of analytical methods throughout their careers for a wide range of pharmaceutical products including multiple active ingredient products and controlled substance dosage forms. We have helped prepare and lead the analytical side for numerous IND, ANDA, NDA, and PAS approvals for several large generic pharmaceutical companies. 

Our staff also includes Research & Development formulation scientists that can provide guidance in product development and formulation, process chemistry, Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC) processes as well as bulk manufacturing with your Contract Manufacturing Organizations.

Whatever your development or testing need, our in-house experts can provide one-on-one guidance to help introduce your product to the market.

About Us: About Us
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